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We offer sustainable vintages that have been loved for a long time and will be loved for a long time to come.


Vintage items from top brands have been handed down through generations and countries to the present day.

The reason why they have been loved as fashion icons without being affected by trends is not only because of their beautiful designs, but also because they are made with high quality materials and skilled workmanship.

We deliver sustainable vintage items that are loved throughout the age.







1.  Vintage = Sustainability


The rise of fast fashion has ushered in a disposable fashion boom. In return, ethical and environmental issues in the work environment came to the fore, and we are now in an era of rethinking what fashion should be.

As environmental values such as the SDGs have become the standard worldwide, the nature of fashion is also being reconsidered.


Fashionista Vintage develops straps based on the concept of "Reduce Less, Use Vintage" to encourage people to enjoy vintage fashion for a long time. Through fashion, we propose a style that addresses the environmental issues facing the world.





2. Mottainai = Sustainability 


Ms. Wangari Maathai, the United Nations Ambassador for Peace, has promoted the Japanese culture of "mottainai," a sustainable, recycling-oriented society that does not place a burden on the global environment.

We Japanese have always had a deep-rooted custom and culture of taking good care of things, such as continuing to use sustainable products from generation to generation.

Inheriting this spirit, we avoid excessive packaging and strive to reuse packaging materials while safely delivering our customers' valuable products.





 3.  High Quality = Sustainability 

Do you know that many of the top brand's vintage products are actually sent out to the world from the Japanese market?

Vintage items that have been carefully used by Japanese people are in good condition and are highly valued by overseas buyers.


We utilize our many years of experience to source from specialized markets and strive to provide high quality vintage items at the most affordable prices possible, not to mention authenticity.


Please visit Fashionista Vintage to find your favorite vintage items.


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